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The Top Management, in order to develop the quality management philosophy and to effectively implement the Quality Management System and to ensure its continuous improvement, follows eight chief management principles:

Customer Focus

You need to understand the Customer’s present and future needs, and aim at meeting the Customer’s requirements, as well as to anticipate their expectations.


The Management determines the unity of the Organizations’ objectives and the lines of action; therefore, such an environment needs to be created in their Organization that will result in a complete commitment on the part of the personnel to the achievement of the Organization’s goals.

Human Involvement

Human resources on all levels constitute the key part of the Organization, and their total commitment allows their abilities to be used for the Organization’s good.

Process Approach

The desirable result is achieved with a higher effectiveness when actions and resources related to them are managed as a process.

System Approach To Management

Identification, understanding and management of mutually interrelated processes as a system contributes to an increased efficiency and effectiveness of the Organization in reaching its targets.

Constant Improvement

For quality management to bring about a measurable effect, a constant improvement of the functioning of the whole Organization is required.

Fact Based Decision Making

Decisions within the Organization need to be made solely based on facts, as their effectiveness depends on an analysis of data and information.

Mutual Beneficial Relationships With Suppliers

The Organization and its suppliers are interdependent, and mutual beneficial relationships increase the abilities of both parties to create values.

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