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Multi-task machining

NTX 2000 device purchased under project RZP.01.08.00-32-0022/17-00 enables the offer of milling with turning. The introduction of the service enables the realisation of a complete machining of objects in one clamping, using The introduction of the service will enable the machining of complete workpieces in a single clamping, using a single design and technological base, which ensures minimisation of errors associated with changes in the arrangement. in the case of its implementation separately on the turning and milling centre. The solution introduced by the project improves accuracy of machining and its repeatability in consecutively machined workpieces in a production series.

NTX 2000

The working space:
  • Max. workpiece diameter 660 mm
  • Max. workpiece length 1538 mm
  • Max. inner diameter of clamping tube 65 mm
  • Max. travel in X axis 675 mm
  • Max. travel in Y axis 300 mm
  • Max. Z-axis travel 1562 mm
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